state data center inside

State Data Centre (SDC) is one of the key infrastructure pillars that is being set up to consolidate citizen services, eGovernance applications and supporting infrastructure to provide efficient electronic delivery of G2G, G2C and G2B services. These services shall be rendered through a common delivery platform supported by other core infrastructure elements i.e. SWAN and CSC with connectivity extended up to the block level. The SDCs shall therefore enable aggregation of IT Infrastructure (Hardware, Storage, Networking and Software) and Management Resources to ensure better Operations, Standardization of Systems & management control leading to faster application deployment and reduced costs, offering dynamic scalability as their demand grows including security related requirements and uptime of the 99.749%. Thus, different line department would get a seamless, highly reliable/robust, shared, secured Data Centre infrastructure with reasonable/scalable capacity for their e-Governance application hosting requirements. SDC would provide better operations & management control and minimize overall cost of Data Management, IT Management, Deployment and other costs.

state data center

The State Data Centres (SDCs) would thus help the State Government and Departments in providing central repository (database consolidation), application consolidation, State Intranet/Internet portal, State messaging infrastructure, remote management, business continuity site etc. for their G2G, G2C service delivery and G2B services. State Data Centre would also help in providing common security infrastructure, storage infrastructure, back-up infrastructure, directory infrastructure, web servers, application servers, database servers etc. The SDC thus established would be able to meet various application hosting requirements. If the infrastructure is adequately scaled up, the SDC may take care of hosting requirements in the State for another 5 year period.