Government of India (GoI) has approved the National e-Governance Plan (NeGP) that seeks to lay the foundation for the long term growth of e-Governance in the country. NeGP is aimed at improving the quality, accessibility andeffectiveness of Government services to citizens and businesses with the help of information and communication technology. NeGP is structured on the philosophy of a centralized initiative with decentralized implementation. GoI plays a co-ordination role at the centre with the respective State governments managing the implementation of the planned e-Governance initiatives.

Considering the nature and scale of e-Governance initiatives planned under NeGP, the role of the State Government in managing these initiatives is seen as critical. It is also well recognized that for the State to play its role effectively, significant capacities need to be developed /upgraded. To ensure the success of NeGP, it is necessary to build a strategic roadmap and enhance the capacities in the State Government and its nodal agency to enable issues to be dealt with in a competent manner, with a holistic perspective and with speed.

In this context, pwc have been retained by the Government of Mizoram to prepare a strategic e-Governance and capacity building roadmap for the State. While the preparation of the e-Governance roadmap is aimed at detailing the strategic priorities of the State and ensures that they are in alignment with NeGP, the capacity building Report details the strategy for achieving the same.

This volume documents the present status of the eGovernance initiatives of the selected Departments and their stated eGovernance initiatives.